Plating & Services

Plating & Services

We do a large variety of different plating finishes. Scroll over images for more information.



Stainless Steel Electro Polishing

Electro polishing is an electro chemical, de scaling and fine polishing of higher grade stainless steel. The process does not remove imperfections like deep scratches and marks of any significance but provides a high shine and on suitable materials a mirror finish.


Polishing is required prior to plating where a high finish is required. Most metals may be polished, although techniques differ. Polishing may also be done without subsequent plating – for example, stainless steel can be polished to look like chrome. Objects made of brass, copper and aluminium are polished to a very high finish. Brass and copper are usually lacquered after polishing to prevent tarnishing. Pre polishing raw material before it is used for manufacturing is recommended where possible. This increases the polishing efficiency and reduces the chance of inconsistencies after plating due to unpolished areas on products in hard to reach places.


It is possible to plate on aluminium although certain alloys do present difficulties and should be tested by us to establish the required pre-plating process. In essence, the requirement is for a specialised cleaning sequence, followed by a process to convert the surface so as to be able to accept a primary layer of plating. Thereafter any finish (i.e. copper, nickel, chrome) can be applied. Aluminium also polishes very well and a mirror finish can be attained with the correct material.


Kal-Gard KG213/1

Coating Thickness: 8-12 Microns
Colour: Silver
Temperature Resistance: 350°C

This coating was specially developed for fasteners used in the construction of ocean containers and has a 20 year proven record. The requirement being excellent corrosion protection on the standard steel fastener without increased tolerances. This coating has found favour in the roof and building industries. Its dry lubricant properties allow for easy installation on metal and wood with no galling on the screw threads. KG213/1 is particularly suitable for all types of fasteners from 2 to 18mm. The coating comprises fine zinc and aluminium flakes that are suspended in a special organic base. All ingredients used in the makeup of this coating as well as the pre-treatment are free of all toxic substances.